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NVIDIA Ansel: revolutionary in-game photography technology

The new NVIDIA Ansel, announced Friday will revolutionize the way we take screenshots.

nvidia ansel

According to NVDIA Ansel is an in-game 3D VR camera system. When you activate it, the game is paused while you frame the perfect shot. You can pan around the scene in 360 degrees, zoom, roll, and reposition your angle seeking to get a professional looking snapshot. The filters will allow you to play with and fine tune adjustments such as brightness, field of view, and so forth. You can even create and share your own special FX filters.

nvidia ansel

“Simply put, Ansel enables you to make and capture your own unique and personally-framed screenshots via an easy-to-use user interface, on NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics cards,” NVIDIA says.

Once you have the photo you want, you can blow up the image up by choosing “High Resolution,” which outputs the image in up to 4.5 gigapixels (61,440 x 34,560). Yes, your heard it right, it is GIGAPIXELS!

nvidia ansel

“But why would you want to capture screenshots at super resolutions tens of thousands of pixels in size? Well, the resulting screenshot is almost entirely free of aliasing, detail is significantly sharper and clear, crops of any part of the screenshot are at maximum fidelity levels, and screenshots can be downsampled to lower resolutions for wall prints, posters, or super high-quality desktop wallpapers,” explains NVDIA.

nvidia ansel

More importantly, it looks at games as real art, which they are. Professional screenshots are a thing, as game photographers such as Duncan Harris and Leonardo Sang can attest.

Super resolution images also allows viewers to zoom in on details, for instance to get a close-up view of the pupils in a character’s eyes or look at objects far off in the distance. To quote the cool kids of yesteryear, it’s all pretty rad.