New relatives of horned Triceratops unearthed in Utah


Scientists have unearthed a new species of horned dinosaur, a relative of Triceratops, in southern Utah. Researchers working in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument discovered the new species of dinosaur – a large, horned, herbivorous creature. Read more Why did the dinosaurs flee Europe? Skeletal remains of the beast, named Machairoceratops cronusi, suggest it was about 26 feet long, weighed two …

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Underwater site suggests people lived in Florida 14,500 years ago


A stunning underwater discovery made by archeologists could rewrite the story of southeastern United States and settle the debate over when the earliest Americans arrived. Scientists used scuba gear to dive into a murky, 20-foot-deep hole in a river to retrieve the mastodon bones and stone tools and other artifacts, which point to humans living in the region 14,550 years …

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This pill-sized ingestible robot could retrieve swallowed objects

ingestible robot

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have invented a small ingestible robot that could one day be used to retrieve swallowed objects, including batteries. Though the new robot would not be able to perform major surgeries in the esophagus, it could, possibly, patch smaller wounds in the stomach. To describe how the robot works, scientists say, in theory …

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Eating fruits in early life may decrease breast cancer risk in midlife


A new study suggests, women who consume fruits and vegetables during teenage years may be in lesser risk of developing breast cancer in midlife compared to those who do not consume fruits. Conversely, women who drink more alcohol over time might increase their breast cancer risk, although they could also lower their chances of heart disease, a second report found, …

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Largest collection of planets discovered by Kepler Mission


The Kepler mission has discovered 1,284 planets – the single largest finding of planets to date, according to Princeton associate research scholar Timothy Morton. Ellen Stofan, chief scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington was optimistic about finding another Earth like ours. “This announcement more than doubles the number of confirmed planets from Kepler,” said Stofan, “This gives us hope that …

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Alcohol consumption provides happiness for a short time

alcohol consumption

A new study suggests while alcohol consumption provides us with happiness that lasts only for a short period of time, it does not offer long-term well-being and life satisfaction. Findings doesn’t surprise the researchers because according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), alcohol use is responsible for 88,000 deaths each year in the U.S., making it …

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Mercury transit across the face of the sun has begun


Astronomers from all over the globe are gearing up for a rare astronomical phenomenon that occurs only 13 times in a century. The Sun, Mercury and Earth will all line up and Mercury, the red planet will be seen through telescopes as a dot on the solar disc. The celestial spectacle will last seven and a half hours. “At the …

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Self-driving taxis from GM and Lyft may hit the road within a year


Taxi riders may soon be able to enjoy a ride around town in self-driven taxis without having to take the “scenic route.” A Lyft Inc. executive told The Wall Street Journal about a pilot program in which General Motors and Lyft will start testing self-driving taxis with real customers within a year that could include electric vehicles. Taggart Matthiesen, Director …

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